CSGO Live Betting

CSGO live betting is one of the most entertaining aspects of esports betting. The possibility of hitting insanely high odds is just one of the reasons why you should give this betting option a chance. In this piece, we’ll offer the latest CSGO live bets, and show you a few tips and tricks to win more while betting live on CSGO.

Latest CSGO Live Bet Opportunities

If you’re trying to find the latest CSGO live bet opportunities, then you’ll be glad to hear that it’s not necessary to do it manually anymore. We set up a system that will allow bettors to find CSGO live matches right here on our site with constantly updated odds.

How Does CSGO Live Betting Work?

Before we start talking about how CSGO live betting works, let’s make one thing clear. CSGO betting odds for live bets are updated automatically and they’re determined by the current in-play situation. This isn’t something that’s manually updated.

At times, betting sites will block in-play betting possibilities in order to adjust their odds according to what’s happening while the match is played. If a pre-match bet isn’t tempting because odds aren’t rewarding, wait for a couple of rounds to be played and see whether the favorites will lose a few and claim much higher odds.

In our opinion, CSGO is the best esports for live bets, not only for bettors but for CSGO bookmakers as well. The live feed can be easily updated because there is a small pause between rounds. Bettors, on the other hand, can find opportunities between the rounds or at halftime when teams are switching from attacking to defending side.

*if you’re interested in placing handicap bets but don’t know where to start, make sure you read our CSGO round handicap betting guide.

Best Bookmakers For CSGO Live Bets

When it comes to choosing a betting site for live bets on CSGO, punters could find themselves in a lot of problems, and here’s why. The most important thing for CSGO live bets is as little “block” time as possible. Constantly updated odds that are available for betting should be a priority.

Instant payment methods are also important. In this day and age, you can use credit cards, e-wallets, or even crypto to fund your account. However, it’s important that the deposits are as fast as possible since it’s a bad feeling to miss out on a stunning bet because your deposit was being processed for 2 minutes. In order to help you out, we scanned the market and found 3 CSGO betting sites that provide a full package for live betting opportunities. Find more information below.

1. GG.bet

If you want a constantly updated live feed and a variety of payment methods, then GG.bet is the way to go for you. This betting site has been around for a while now and we can freely say that this is the best operator for esports bets in general.

Live streaming is also available on the site which will make things much easier as we all know how hard it can be to find certain streams, especially for low-tier tournaments and matches.

With wide coverage of live esports matches, you can bet on, GG.bet really proved itself as a go-to platform for many bettors. Instant deposits are also available with most methods and crypto is also accepted here.

2. LOOT.bet

This platform has a dedicated section just for live betting. Alongside CSGO live bets, numerous other esports are available to wager on such as LoL, Dota 2, Overwatch, PUBG, Rainbow Six, StarCraft, etc.

LOOT.bet also put in place streams for CSGO live matches, and they strive to update odds as fast as possible. The site itself looks very slick and modern and it’s really easy to navigate around it and find betting opportunities.

As for the payment methods, credit cards, e-wallets, and crypto deposits are instant and they are free of any fees. The coverage is also at a high level and the amount of special bets you can enjoy for CSGO live betting is excellent.

3. Betway

Betway is one of the most reputable betting sites in the entire world. They have been going strong for a while now. The best part about Betway is that they are one of the founding fathers of CSGO betting as they sponsored various tournaments and teams.

Their live betting section is covering everything you’re looking for. Live streams have been put in place for most CSGO live matches and high-tier events are covered with additional prop bets. 

All of the popular payment methods can be found at Betway. Credit card and e-wallet deposits are instant. You won’t even have to navigate to their banking section of the site as there’s an express deposit tab available which allows for lighting fast deposits and live CSGO bet placements.

3 Tricks & Tips That Will Help You Profit From CSGO Live Betting

Everyone is on the lookout for CSGO live betting tips that will help them beat the bookmakers and actually profit from placing live bets. Based on our experience, we compiled three tips that could go a long way for bettors.

csgo live betting tips

These tips include the usage of special bets and knowledge of how the game works, mechanics used, and maps that favor the attacking or defending side. Without further ado, let’s get straight into it.

1. Betting on Round Winner

The first advice we got for you is to abuse the round winner special bet. Every couple of rounds, betting sites will update the round winner prop and this is how you can abuse this. Keep a track of both teams’ economies and figure out whether they’ll be able to invest in the round fully.

It’s not easy to get rid of an AWP if you’re bringing Deagle or Scout to the round, right? If you’re able to successfully predict the economy of both teams, you’re setting yourself up for success. When it comes to betting on CSGO, this is an excellent special bet that can make you a lot of money.

2. Map Winner Live Bets are Very Profitable

Alongside placing CSGO live bets on the round winner, wagering on map winner is also a great way to make money. If researched correctly, this prop bet comes with an insane amount of value and very high odds.

According to HLTV, there are several maps that heavily favor the defending side. Map winner bets are often placed during half switches. Here are the stats for the most CT-sided maps in CSGO esports:

  • Ancient – defending side wins 57% of all rounds played
  • Nuke – defending side wins 56,8% of all rounds played
  • Overpass – defending side wins 55% of all rounds played

If you are actually watching the match live, and things are very tight between two teams, the chances are you are getting even odds for a potential map winner bet. Use the information we provided above and give yourself an edge over betting sites.

3. Learn the Basics of CSGO

To bet live on CSGO is pointless if you don’t have much knowledge about the game. Occasionally, you’re going to correctly predict a match or two, but in the long run, you’ll be on the losing side of things.

It’s crucial that you know how the game works before you start placing live bets. Our advice for you is to try and play Counter-Strike and really feel how tight the economy can be for the defending side.

We already talked about the maps and how some favor the defending side. Without proper utility usage, it is really hard to keep the attacking side at bay. All of this can be applied to CSGO live betting because teams won’t be able to fully invest in every round, especially on the defending side of things. You can also go through various CSGO guides to get more information about what we just talked about.

Where to Watch Live CSGO Matches?

There are a lot of platforms where CSGO live matches can be watched. However, the two most popular ones are surely Twitch.tv, and YouTube. The best thing about these platforms is that they are free of charge which means you can watch live CSGO action without paying a cent.

Not so long ago, Facebook also decided to join the streaming action, and most ESL events were streamed on their platform. It’s also important to mention that CSGO is one of the few esports that made its way to national television in the US.


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CSGO is the best esports for live betting. There is always time between the round and at halves for you to make your decision and place bets.

Live betting odds are changed as the match is progressing. Depending on the state of the match, odds could sway one way or another. This is why live betting provides a lot of value for betting and it’s a lot of fun.

CSGO live betting is profitable if used correctly. Do the research that’s necessary, see how the game unfolds and you can profit from CSGO live bets.

Cashing out live bets is possible. Betting sites such as Betway, GG.bet, LOOT.bet, and bet365 will allow for full or partial cash outs.

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