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In order to make a serious profit while gambling, you need to turn your attention to Dota 2 live betting. In this piece, you’ll be able to find much-needed information that will help you place Dota 2 live bets so don’t miss out on this one.

What You Need to Know Before Placing Dota 2 Live Bets

As promised, we’re going to teach you everything you need to know in order to be more successful at Dota 2 live betting. We’ll start things off with three operators that will provide excellent conditions for live Dota 2 bets.

Moreover, we’ll break down the stages of every game. On top of that, you’ll also be able to find betting markets that are perfect for live betting and easily abusable to maximize your profits.

Last but not least, we also want to offer advice on how to approach Dota 2 live betting alongside providing you with a couple of tips and tricks that could help you on your path to win more while you bet live on Dota 2. Without further ado, let’s get straight into it.

Where to Bet Live on Dota 2?

Before venturing into the world of in-play betting, it should be everyone’s priority to find a Dota 2 betting site that will provide the necessary package for live betting. That package includes wide coverage of Dota 2 events, odds that are constantly updated, and a variety of betting markets dedicated to live betting.

If you want something extra, you can also look for operators that provide customers with a direct live stream of Dota 2 matches. We compiled a list of several operators that provide everything we just talked about. The choice is yours.

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Dota Live Betting Phases

There are three phases of every Dota 2 match. Prior to the match going live, teams join up in the draft menu where they ban and pick heroes just like it’s shown in the image below. Every team has a certain amount of bans. On top of that, both teams will get an opportunity to counter one another by either banning or picking heroes that do well against the heroes the first team picked.

Dota 2 pick and ban draft section for live betting
*red color refers to bans, while blue color refers to picks

After the draft period is over, it’s time to engage in Dota 2 live betting. The first phase, or the so-called early game lasts from 12-15 minutes. The second phase lasts significantly longer while the third phase, or late game is when the teams are grouped up to fight and destroy each other’s Ancient.

Early Game

As we already said, after the draft, the early game will commence. The usual line-up for teams is 2-1-2, which means two heroes are playing top side(core + support), one hero is playing mid-side(core), and two heroes are playing bottom side(core + support).

Early on, supports are trying their best to put pressure on cores in order to reduce their farm as much as possible. Mobile supports also tend to roam in order to help secure kills and give a headstart to their cores on other lanes.

Keep in mind that the team that has a massive advantage in the early game usually wins the match. If you see that one team has a big advantage early on, the safe money is definitely with that team, so don’t be afraid to bet on them despite lower odds.

Mid Game

In this stage of the game, the first towers are far gone and cores have turned their attention to the jungle. First big items are being picked up and teams often decide to either be aggressive and look for a fight or to stay defensive and farm up.

All of this depends on the draft and the heroes teams picked. Roshan is also becoming a priority now and a team that grabs the Aegis most certainly has an edge in the upcoming fight.

Late Game

Some teams like to play for the late game due to strategy executions and synergy. However, at times, a draft can lead the team in this direction in order to achieve success. Late game is built for fighting as all of the cores should be stacked with items.

Usually, you’ll see teams moving around the map as five trying to get an edge by dropping wards deep down into the enemy territory. The fact is, you’ll not get many betting markets for the late game, and a simple match-winner should be your priority at this stage of the game.

When to Place Dota 2 Live Bets

Now that you’ve learned about the stages of a Dota 2 match, it’s important to use your knowledge in order to place a Dota 2 live bet that will come through. For instance, if you like what you see from the first 10 minutes of the match and the game until that point has been very one-sided, don’t hesitate to bet on the winning team despite lower odds.

Moreover, the mid game usually ends up being boring due to the constant farming of lanes and jungle. There are barely any fights and the only realistic objective that’s worth fighting for is Roshan. However, if the mid game is stalled and you realize the fact that one team has two excellent late-game carriers, why not drop a bet on them to win the match? Usually, you’ll get much better odds if the game is tied during the mid-stage of the match.

betting on dota 2 live matches

Dota 2 Live Stream

There are three ways to watch Dota games. The usual way to watch Dota 2 live stream is to find the match you’re looking for either on Twitch or YouTube. Keep in mind that the broadcast solely depends on the tournament or league host hence why some matches can be found on Twitch while some other events are streamed on YouTube.

Certain betting sites put in place their own stream, directly on their site. For instance, operators like and will allow Dota 2 live streams being broadcasted directly on their platforms. This will allow you to stay in touch with the latest live odds, and it’s more convenient if you don’t have to open several tabs and scroll through numerous streamers in order to find a match you want to place a live Dota 2 bet on.

Best Betting Markets For Dota 2 Live Bets

Let’s face it, match-winner bet isn’t always the best choice you can make. This is why some Dota 2 betting sites provide a wide range of betting markets. Most of them are dedicated to pre-match betting, but some are best used once the game is live.

Below, you’ll be able to find the best five betting markets that you can utilize during betting live on Dota 2.

First Blood – logically, this betting market can only be used during the early stage of the game. It refers to the first team to get a kill in the match. Heroes like Undying, Crystal Maiden and Venomancer thrive in early levels as they provide more than enough dmg and crowd control to secure first blood for their team.

First Roshan – early Roshan brings a lot of perks to the team that slays it. Alongside XP and gold boost, one of the heroes will also claim Aegis. Pay attention to heroes like Ursa, Troll Warlord, and Templar Assassin as they can burst Roshan fast and help you secure a winning Dota 2 live bet.

Team to Destroy the First Tower – when approaching the game from a betting perspective, pay attention to the heroes picked. There are some strong pushers in this Dota 2 META. Heroes such as Leshrac, Lone Druid, Death Prophet, Beastmaster, and Dragon Knight can knock down towers really fast.

First Team to 5/10/15 Kills – some heroes in Dota 2 are dependent on items in order to do damage. However, some heroes won’t scale that well in the late game, but their abilities will do a lot of damage early on. This is why we suggest being on the lookout for heroes like Zeus, Razor, and Ursa. All three of these can snowball their team fast and put you in profit by getting to 5/10/15 kills first.

Game Duration(in minutes) – in this day and age, it’s not a surprise to see Dota 2 games last for over 60 minutes. With late-game heroes like Spectre, Medusa, or Anti-Mage, teams are looking to postpone fighting for as long as possible hence why games can last quite some time with these heroes present. Keep that in mind when placing Dota 2 live bets.

Advice, Tips & Tricks to Help You Bet Live on Dota 2

We’ve put in place four things that will definitely improve your winning records regarding Dota 2 live betting. Most punters get it wrong at the basics, hence why we want to remind everyone to stay disciplined and only bet what you can afford to lose.

#1 Stages of the Game Are Very Important

The best way to approach Dota 2 betting on live matches is to divide every match into three sections. See what has happened during the draft and whether there are opportunities to cash in on the “first blood” or “team to destroy the first tower” bets.

Moreover, if one team had an excellent early game, don’t be afraid to bet on them despite lower odds since they have a big chance to win the match. Last but not least, there are certain heroes that thrive in the late game(Medusa, Anti-Mage, Spectre). These heroes can simply take over by themselves and it’s impossible to stop them. If you see that a late game is a possibility in a match, and one of the late game cores is on the field,  make sure you use that information to profit.

#2 Don’t be Afraid to Place Dota 2 Live Bets

Live betting, in general, depends on the moment you start the stream and watch the game. Opportunities will show throughout the match and fear of placing a wrong bet isn’t something you can bring to the table.

This is a very important piece of advice for punters who like to chase first-blood bets as there isn’t much time for you to decide who has the edge in early fights.

#3 If it Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix it

We’ve seen a lot of punters expanding the range of betting markets or even esports they’re following and actively betting on. In our opinion, once you’ve found a winning strategy for yourself, stick to it. The fact is, you’re wagering because you want to profit from it, right?

This is why you shouldn’t try to fix something that’s not even broken. For instance, if you’re doing well with the “first Roshan” predictions, why add first blood as another bet? We believe that you get the point we’re trying to make with this advice.

#4 Expand Your Dota 2 Knowledge

Last but not least, if you want to be successful at anything in life, you need to put in a lot of time and effort in order to keep improving. The same applies to Dota 2 live betting. Alongside watching and analyzing matches, don’t hesitate from downloading the game and giving it a go. Test how certain heroes work, and what items are necessary for them to have the best chance of winning the match. All of this information will help you improve as a Dota 2 bettor.


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Dota 2 esports and live games can be broadcasted on either or YouTube Gaming. Keep in mind that certain betting sites will provide live streams on their site.

The best betting markets for Dota 2 live betting are: First Blood, First Roshan, Team to Destroy the First Tower, First Team to 5/10/15 Kills, Game Duration(Over/Under).

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