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In this Esports live betting guide, we’ll provide you with everything you need in order to have a chance to come out on top while placing live bets. Here, you can find the best betting sites for live bets, what are the most profitable markets for live betting, tips & tricks you can use. On top of that, we also worked hard to provide live odds directly on our site, so don’t miss out on those.

Best Sites For Esports Live Betting

There are three important things you need to pay attention to when choosing a site for esports live betting. There are several hundred operators that provide live odds for esports matches, but you shouldn’t jump on the first betting site you run into. Below, you can find our recommendations built around three esports betting sites that you can’t go wrong with. Find out why below.

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As promised above, here are the three most important things live betting sites should offer.

  • Live Stream – if you’re not used to Twitch or YouTube to find streams, you’ll have a hard time finding the match you want to bet on. This is why betting sites on our list will provide you with streams that have minimal to no delay that are available directly on the site.
  • Competitive Odds – you’re in this to make money, right? Don’t settle for anything below that. The fact remains, you’ll never find an operator that will constantly provide the highest odds. Bear in mind that operators from the list above belong to the very top and they try their best to provide the most competitive odds for live esports bets on the market.
  • Availability of Betting Markets – there is nothing worse when you find a perfect live bet, but the odds are constantly locked and you miss the opportunity. This is a big problem for many betting sites. Speaking from experience, we know that sites like LOOT.bet, Betway, GG.bet, bet365, and Pinnacle will constantly update their live odds so you won’t miss the opportunity to place your bets.

What is Live Esports Betting?

Live esports betting is a term used for placing wagers while the match is being played. This type of bet is very time-sensitive and requires a lot of patience and knowledge.

With that being said, we also want to mention that this is by far the most profitable type of esports betting.

Live Esports Odds

In this section of our Esports live betting guide, you can find the highest live betting odds available immediately. Scroll through the matches below and enjoy the highest odds on the market.

Most Profitable Esports For In-Play?

Esports titles like Apex, Call of Duty, Rainbow Six, are fast-paced and you have no time frame to react when placing bets. The fact is, a certain time period will pass from spotting the good betting opportunity to finding the bets and adding your wager.

This is why we want to advise you on three esports that are by far the most profitable because they give you the time and opportunity necessary to place the bet.

Live CS:GO Betting

On paper, CS:GO is a fast-paced shooter, but in reality, that isn’t the case. This game is nowhere near as fast as other FPS titles like Apex Legends, or Call of Duty. With that being said, CS:GO is perfect for live betting, and here is why.

After every round, you have around 20-30 seconds to think about what’s going to happen next. Map veto is also crucial for you to learn about. Some teams like Natus Vincere enjoy playing Nuke and they win over 90% of the matches played on this map. From experience, we know that teams can fall behind on the attacking side and turn things around once they switch to defending side.

Esports betting sites don’t take that into account and they base the odds solely on the momentum and the number of rounds a team has won. With a good analysis put in place, we’re positive that you will claim very high odds on these bets.

Live Dota 2 Betting

As we mentioned above, esports live betting odds are focused on two things. Firstly, betting sites look at how good teams competing against each other are. Secondly, whoever grabs the early momentum will turn into a favorite really fast.

If you know the basics and how the game works, you won’t have a problem spotting good Dota 2 live bets. If you see that one team picked Tiny, it’s likely that they will win the early stage of the game easily. But, if there is Medusa farming on the other side, you know what’s going to happen after she gets certain items, right? No one will be able to deal any damage to her while Tiny’s damage won’t scale.

Apply this to live Dota 2 betting and find opportunities that will put you in profit. Bear in mind that these types of bets come with high odds and you only need to hit one to win decent money.

learn how to bet on live esports matches

Live LoL Betting

Betting on live LoL matches is exactly the same as Dota 2. However, there is a catch with League of Legends live betting. Dragons are playing an important factor in this esports title so don’t forget that fact.

It’s really easy to play against Vayne early on, but after she gets a couple of items and she racks up the attack speed, she melts front liners without breaking a sweat. Team composition is also very important. There are champions that work well with one another like Amumu and Orianna.

Executing a perfect combo in a team fight can turn the tides of the game, despite being down in experience and gold.

Betting Markets You Should Use For Live Betting on Esports

Betting sites are constantly evolving and they will try to present you with a wide range of betting markets that will keep you tempted. This is why we wanted to provide you with a couple of bets that you should stick to, especially if you’re just beginning your betting venture.

MAP-WINNER – this betting market applies to every esports title. Put in the work and analyze matches played, be patient and go in when the odds are worth the risk. Above, we listed a couple of tips for you to use when betting on popular titles. If you stick to those, you’ll get an edge over bookies.

CORRECT SCORE – bad map veto or draft can happen to everyone. If the team you want to back just lost the map, or maybe you even expected them to lost that map, don’t be afraid to back them on the remaining maps, especially in the best of 3 matches. Odds for this are through the roof and if you can connect a couple of hits like that, you’ll end up in serious profit.

Tips & Tricks For Esports In-Play Betting

If betting on esports is new to you, we want to offer our insight and provide you with a couple of tips that will get you started. Let’s get straight into it.

KNOW WHAT YOU’RE BETTING ON – If you’re betting a couple of dollars just for enjoyment while you watch the games, ignore this. However, if you’re in it to make the money, make sure you know what you’re betting on. Don’t just bet on matches randomly as this will get you nowhere.

WATCH THE GAME YOU WANT TO BET ON – Before making a live bet, watch the match for a bit. Get the feel of the game and see whether you’re still certain about your bet. Don’t forget that betting sites from the list above will hook you up with direct live streams.

WAIT FOR THE PERFECT MOMENT TO PLACE YOUR BET – This advice depends on big of the odds you’re interested in. If you wait for the perfect moment to place a live bet, or for the odds to get better, you still have time to reconsider and change your mind if you think that your potential bet isn’t as safe as it was a couple of minutes before.

HEDGE YOUR PRE-MATCH BET BY USING LIVE BETTING – If your pre-match bet is doing well early on, you can always use live betting to hedge things and end up in profit. The fact is, the amount of money you’ll win is reduced, but the fact remains, it’s impossible not to end up in profit if you hedge your bet properly.

Where to Watch Live Esports Matches?

A couple of years ago, Twitch.tv was the only platform you could use to watch live esports matches. However, in this day and age, there are numerous platforms dedicated to broadcasting esports tournaments and leagues. Below, we will provide links to some of the most popular esports streaming platforms that will help you find the matches you’re looking for.


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GG.bet, Betway, and LOOT.bet are by far the best three betting sites for esports live betting.

Before you even sign-up for an account with the betting site, make sure that they allow customers from your jurisdiction, that you’re 18 or older, and that betting is legal in your country. If you tick those boxes, then yes, live betting is legal.

You can bet on any esports live. Esports like CS:GO, Dota 2, and League of Legends are the most popular for live betting.

With the right strategy put in place, you can profit from esports live betting. However, it requires knowledge of the game, dedication, and a lot of time to research the possible bets.

Betting on esports online is legal in India unless you live in Sikkim or Nagaland state. These states prohibit betting.

Best Betting Sites

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