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Everyone who’s interested in MOBA betting can relate that in-play wagering is definitely the most rewarding and fun. If you’re interested in League of Legends live betting, we’re going to provide guidance on which site to choose for live bets, what betting markets to use, and we’ll offer a couple of tips to help you profit while live League of Legends betting.

Best 3 Betting Sites For LoL Live Betting

It doesn’t matter if you’re a newcomer to LoL live betting or you’re an experienced bettor. We put in place a list of three operators that will provide everything you need in order to be successful while placing live wagers.

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What Should a Betting Site Offer For Live League of Legends Betting?

COMPETITIVE AND CONSTANTLY UPDATED ODDS – when choosing a LoL live betting site, there are certain things you as a customer need to look for. The most important aspect are odds. The higher the odds, the more money you can make. Also, live League of Legends odds need to be constantly updated so you’re actually able to place bets.

QUICK PAYMENTS – timing is everything while placing in-play wagers. Sometimes you can spot an opportunity that will put you in profit, but if you’re unable to make a quick deposit, the opportunity will pass.

LIVE STREAMING – we already talked about how timing is everything while betting on esports live. A great perk you can find on the list of operators above is live streaming directly on the betting site. This will save you plenty of time as you won’t have to browse through Twitch in order to find the match you want to bet on.

RANGE OF LOL LIVE BETTING MARKETS TO BET ON – there is a lot happening during one match of LoL. This is why betting on a match-winner simply isn’t enough. Betting sites from the list above will provide a wide range of betting markets dedicate to in-play gambling.

league of legends live betting

What is League of Legends Live Betting?

League of Legends live betting, also called in-play betting is a term used for placing bets while the match is ongoing. Keep in mind that the odds are constantly changing during live betting given the circumstances that are happening in the game.

This type of wagering is going to provide an excellent betting experience due to the dynamic and fast-paced style this MOBA title brings to the table. However, we would advise anyone who wants to try to live League of Legends betting to get some knowledge of the game, as there is too much happening once the game is live.

Betting Markets For League of Legends Live Betting

When it comes to live betting odds for League of Legends, punters often end up looking for a plain match-winner bet. However, there is so much more to LoL betting than just a simple team to win the match bet.

Operators like GG.bet and LOOT.bet put in place various betting markets dedicated to live League of Legends wagers. Below, we’ll explain the three best options that you should focus on in order to come out on top and profit.

League of Legends Live Betting Tutorial

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MAP WINNER – in our opinion, this should be the go-to betting market for most punters. After the draft, experienced LoL players and bettors will figure out which team has a higher chance of winning the map. There are a lot of things to factor in starting with which team counter-picked better, how the synergy in team fights looks like, etc.

TEAM TO SLAY THE FIRST BARON – since Baron is the neutral monster that spawns after 20 minutes of the game, you’ll have some time to figure out which team is going to slay the first one. If you’re wondering which champions are best for taking down early barons, here is our list. Master Yi, Shaco, and Bel’Veth are more than capable of dealing with Baron themselves. However, pay attention to how the game is turning out. If one team has a massive lead early on, chances are high that they’ll end up taking the first Baron.

TEAM TO DRAW FIRST BLOOD – unlike the previous bet we talked about, this one will require quick thinking and good knowledge of the game. Certain champions like Talon, Thresh, Braum, Lee Sin, and Pantheon have perfect toolkits to claim first blood. 

LoL Live Betting Tips – Best Time to Place Bets

If you want to win more LoL live bets, we’ve put in place four basic tips that will come in handy. These tips should be used by both newcomers to gambling and experienced bettors that are finding ways to get an edge over bookmakers.

#1 Get Familiar With League of Legends

This goes without saying. In order to actually stand a chance against League of Legends betting sites, knowledge is crucial. Firstly, familiarize yourself with the map layout, look for strong counters for certain champions and see which champions thrive in the early game, and which are strong in the late game.

There is also a lot to learn regarding Baron usage, Dragon souls, and much more. Luckily for you, there are a lot of LoL basics tutorials available online.

#2 Find a Good LoL Live Betting Site

We already briefly touched base on this one. Alongside knowledge, this is another where important advice. Find a betting site for yourself that’s going to provide top-notch live betting service.

Ideally, you’d want to get constantly updated odds, alongside at least five betting markets dedicated to LoL live betting. Furthermore, fast deposits are crucial so you don’t miss any opportunities. Last but not least, live streaming is an excellent addition to betting platforms as you won’t have to spend time finding the broadcast for the match you want to bet on.

#3 Make Good Use of Cash-out Option

Let’s say that you’re watching the match and your team holds a strong advantage in the early game. However, you’re afraid that if the game is still going after 30 minutes, your team will lack the damage and they’ll be unable to close the game.

This is where cash-out comes into play. Operators like Betway and GG.bet will offer you a chance to cash-out a smaller portion of the potential winning bet. With this, you won’t have to worry about your team edging things out in the late game.

#4 Know What You’re Betting On

There are plenty of LoL leagues to bet on live. Starting with the most popular ones such as LCS, LCK, LEC, LPL, all the way to the not-so-popular ones like TCL, CBLOL, etc. Our advice is to stick to the ones that you’re actively following.

It’s pointless to throw away money on random bets and leagues you’re not even following. This is why we urge you to follow 3-4 leagues and stick to them. By doing this, you’ll have more than enough information to place successful LoL live bets.

What LoL Teams to Bet on Live

There are too many LoL professional teams to follow. However, through recent years, certain teams emerged as relatively safe bets. This is why we’re going to divide this section in regards to the four most popular leagues where you’ll be able to find which teams have the highest chances of winning their matches.

Best LEC Teams to Bet on

  • KOI
  • G2
  • Team Vitality

Best LCS Teams to Bet on

  • Evil Geniuses
  • FlyQuest

Best LCK Teams to Bet on

  • T1

Best LPL Teams to Bet On

  • JD Gaming
  • Royal Never Give Up


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The best League of Legends live betting sites are GG.bet, LOOT.bet, and Betway.

Without prior knowledge, beginners shouldn’t bet on live League of Legends matches. However, there are a lot of guides available that will provide the necessary information in order to place successful LoL live bets.

The most popular LoL live betting markets are map winner, team to slay the first Baron, and team to destroy the first tower.

There are four tournaments/leagues that are best for Live League of Legends betting. LCK, LEC, LPL, and LCS are all covered in great depth by many betting sites and there are plenty of betting markets for the matches played in these events.

Best Betting Sites

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