LCK Betting Guide – Sites, Tips & Best Bets

Enjoy the excitement of LCK betting with our in-depth guide. From understanding odds to making winning picks, we provide much-needed tips and strategies you need to elevate your betting game and come out on top in the competitive world of League of Legends Champions Korea.

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Betting Tips For LCK Bets

If you’re interested in placing bets on LCK matches, then there are quite a few tips that could come in handy. In this section of our LCK betting guide, we’ll talk about the research, analysis, understanding of the META, and much more so don’t miss out.

  • RESEARCH – before placing a LCK bet, it’s important to research the current form of competing teams and were there any roster changes or shuffles. Sometimes, players also get injured hence why stand-ins will be listed. You need to take into account all of that before placing a bet.
  • LCK ODDS ANALYSIS – when it comes to League of Legends betting, odds are very important as they determine the amount of money you’ll win if your LCK bets come through. This is why it’s very important to find the highest odds possible.
  • BETTING ON UNDERDOGS – the fact is, there is a lot of quality in the League of Legends Champions Korea event. When making LCK predictions, it’s a good idea to always keep a track of potential underdogs to bet on as the odds are more than rewarding and you can end up with a massive profit.
  • FOLLOW META – META stands for the most effective tactics available. This is a crucial piece of advice we have for you. For example, the current META is based around Azir on mid-lane. We know for a fact that Clozer is a very strong Azir player hence why you should stay away from betting against Liiv SANDBOX.
  • MANAGE YOUR BANKROLL – limits are very important hence why we urge everyone to create a bankroll for themselves and never go over it. Determine a percentage you’re willing to bet on a match and stick to it. By doing this, you won’t have to make constant deposits if you hit a losing streak.

LCK Schedule For 2023

LCK esports schedule is split into two seasons, Spring and Summer. Spring split starts on January 18th with the final match of Spring playoffs is scheduled for March 19th. After the Spring split, the best teams from LCK are competing in Mid-Season Invitational 2023. Keep in mind that there are two MSI playoff slots reserved for LCK teams due to them winning Worlds 2022. After the Mid-Season Invitational(MSI), teams are returning home to compete in the LCK Summer split.

League of Legends Champions Korea Format

In order to have a chance with LCK Spring split betting, it is important to understand the format and the way League of Legends Champions Korea is played. The event itself is split into two sections, that being the group stage and the playoffs.

10 teams are competing in a double-round robin format with each team playing their opponents twice, hence why every team is going to play 18 matches in total. Every match in the group stage is played in the BO3 format(best of three).

The best six teams are going to book themselves a spot in the playoffs. It is important to mention that 1st and 2nd ranked teams are automatically moved to the semifinals hence why these are very good news for anyone who placed LCK Spring outright bets.

LCK playoffs are contested in a double-elimination format. Given the fact that this format is based around the upper and lower brackets, this means that teams can lose one match in the upper bracket, but if they lose a match in the lower bracket, they’re eliminated. Playoffs are played in the BO5(best of five) series which makes LCK betting very enjoyable.

Latest LCK Tournament Winner Odds

In recent years, two teams have always topped the LCK charts, that being T1, and Dplus(former DWG KIA). Below, we’re providing the most recent LCK odds for the Spring split.

(odds provided by on February 14th, 2023)
KT Rolster9
Hanwha Life Esports11
Kwangdong Freecs101
Nongshim RedForce251

LCK Outright Betting Predictions

There is only one team that crossed our mind when placing an outright LCK bet, and that team is T1. This is a battle-tested roster that faced a lot of adversity and somehow, they always managed to come out on top.

A very important piece of information is the fact that this roster didn’t change since 2020. Faker has been with the team since 2014 and he solidified himself as the real leader. Other LCK teams are constantly making changes and to be honest, they are just making things easy for T1 due to them lacking synergy and team play.

Even though current LCK odds on T1 to win the Spring split aren’t that high, we are positive that this is the best esports betting investment you can make in the long run with a nearly 3x return on your initial bet.

Popular LCK Betting Markets

Due to the nature of MOBA esports, LoL live betting is very popular in the community. Luckily for us, operators put in place betting markets that apply for both pre-match and in-play wagering. In this section of our LCK betting guide, we’re going to talk about the most popular and profitable betting markets you should use when betting on LCK.

  • MAP WINNER – this one is bread and butter for anyones who wants to bet on LCK. The best way to utilize this bet is to wait for the draft to be finished and then make choice based on your knowledge, research, and drafted champions. 
  • MAP DURATION – we all know that there are certain teams like KT Rolster that like to take their time and play for the late game. This is often spotted in the draft itself when teams are picking late-game champions that scale after a couple of items are picked up. Keep in mind that LoL betting sites like put in place a wide range of minutes(from 30.5 to 37.5) which enables you to make safe bets.
  • TOTAL KILLS ON ONE MAP – a lot of crowd control(CC) comes with plenty of kills across the map. On top of that, teams like Hanwha Life Esports and BRION are very aggressive due to their junglers not being afraid to dive towers early on. This often leads to them either picking up kills or dying hence why this bet could come in handy.
  • FIRST BLOOD – this bet should only be based on the champions picked. If you ever see Camille, Pantheon, Thresh, or Draven in the game, you should know that they are most likely to grab the first blood.
  • FIRST BARON – LoL is a team game, and this objective requires an effort from the entire team. The best way to approach the first baron LCK bet is to tail big favorites as they often end up prioritizing Baron buff to establish a lead.
  • TOTAL DRAGONS SLAIN – when finding LCK betting odds for the total dragons slain, you will often end up with either 4+ or 5+. The first option(+4/3.5) is the safe bet in many cases as teams often end up stacking four dragons due to the dragon soul permanent buff.

Best LCK Players in 2023

When ranking the best LCK players, many sites refer to the individual skill players are bringing to the table alongside insane outplays. To some degree, we agree with this, but there is so much more to LCK power rankings. We’re going to approach this by providing a list of the 10 best players in LCK 2023 based solely on K/D/A stats.

DeftBottom/ADCDplus KIA6.5
KellinSupportDplus KIA6.3
AimingBottom/ADCKT Rolster6.1
KaelSupportKT Rolster5.6
CanyonJunglerDplus KIA5.3
JunSupportKwangdong Freecs4.6

Where to Watch LCK

There are a lot of ways to watch LCK games. A lot of punters and esports enthusiasts are used to watching LCK matches on LCK channel. Keep in mind that has put in place LCK stream in English and in Korean.

In recent months, LoL esports became a go-to platform for all available leagues. Here, you will find not only the most popular LoL leagues like LEC, LPL, or LCK, but also the lower ranked league and challengers.

LCK History

LCK Spring 2023 marks the 17th LCK season. A lot has happened throughout the years, but the League of Legends Champions Korea is still going strong and producing by far the best League of Legends teams and players across the globe.

Did you know that Afreeca Freecs broke the fastest game in LCK history back in 2020? SeolHaeOne Prince got demolished and the Nexus was destroyed within 16 minutes and 54 seconds.

T1(formerly known as SK Telecom T1) is the most decorated team in LCK history with 10 titles to their name. Below, you’ll find a table including LCK winners since the very first season

Spring Split 2012MiG Blaze
Summer Split 2012Azubu Frost
Winter Split 2013Najin Sword
Spring Split 2013MVP Ozone
Summer Split 2013SK Telecom T1
Winter Split 2014SK Telecom T1
Spring Split 2014Samsung Galaxy Blue
Summer Split 2014KT Rolster Arrows
Spring Split 2015SK Telecom T1
Summer Split 2015SK Telecom T1
Spring Split 2016SK Telecom T1
Summer Split 2016ROX Tigers
Spring Split 2017SK Telecom T1
Summer Split 2017Longzhu Gaming
Summer Split 2018KT Rolster
Spring Split 2019SK Telecom T1
Summer Split 2019SK Telecom T1
Spring Split 2020T1
Summer Split 2020Damwon Gaming
Spring Split 2021DWG KIA
Summer Split 2021DWG KIA
Spring Split 2022T1
Summer Split 2022Gen.G


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LCK Spring split 2023 starts on January 18th while the final match of Spring split is played on March 19th. LCK Summer split dates have not been confirmed yet.

The best LCK betting sites are,, and Betway.

The best LCK players in history are Faker, Canyon, Score, Deft, and BeryL.

T1 are the biggest favorites to win the LCK Spring Split 2023 with the odds of 2.75, followed by Dplus KIA that are back by the odds of 4.00.

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